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KC-2W NMEA2000 And NMEA0183 Bidirection Converter NMEA0183 to N2K converter KC-2W WIFI module
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KC2W WIFI can use as a WIFI hotspot or a WIFI terminal.
1. As a WIFI hotspot its IP is fixed, it is used if there are no WIFI router
onboard your boat.
2. As a WIFI terminal, the IP is distributed by the WIFI router. You can check the IP as
shown below. It is used if there are already WIFI router onboard your boat to
share the data.
Connect KC-2W to PC
KC-2W side PC side (DB9)
RX+ (Yellow) --------------------------- Pin 3
Configuration (Brown) --------------- Pin 2
RX- and TX- (Blue and Green) ------ Pin 5
Configure KC-2W WIFI module
Note : it require a power cycle every time finish configure the WIFI module (Power
off KC-2W and power up again)

NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 Bidirectional Converter .

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