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Matsutec HF-620 MARINE COLOR ECHO SOUNDER Fishfinder
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Product Name :5.6” Color LCD Fish Finder
Product Category : Echo Sounder
HF-620 Echo Sounder
The MATSUTEC HF-620 is a high performance, dual-frequency color digital echo sounder (50 and 200 kHz) with high transmission output power of 300 Watts. It has been designed specifically with small fishing and recreational boats in mind.
One of the main features of the HF-620 is the revolutionary digital filter. Our enhanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology helps adjust gain, STC and output power as well as suppresses main bang (echoes just below transducer). The Utilization of the DSP technology facilitates outstanding detection both in shallow and deep water. Shallow water detection is enhanced by its fast transmission of rate of 3,000 times per minute at the water depth of 5 meters. This will help you identify bait pods and individual fish targets right under the boat.
There are four basic operation modes: Single-Frequency (50 or 200 kHz), Dual-Frequency, Wave Zoom and A Scope (This mode only suitable to Signal PIC A or B mode). For simplified operation, an Auto mode is also provided. There are two types of Auto Modes available: Auto Gain and Auto Range. Each mode fully utilizes the DSP technology to obtain optimum echo image for each purpose.
The HF-620 employs a 5.6” sunlight viewable bright 256 color LCD (TFT) screen for vivid display and wide viewing angle. High resolution can reach to 480 x 640 pixels.