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Matsutec TD-28 200KHz Ultrasonic Fish Finder Transducer
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Frequency/Power: 50KHz & 200KHz /600W

Cable Length:10 M /3P

Material: Plastic

产品型号 A-TD28换能器
双频 /功率 50KHz/600W&200KHz/300W
电缆长度 10M
芯数 3P
材质 塑料
安装 贯穿




频率 :50KHz200KHz50&200KHz

功率 :300W600W


l  High Sensitivity, Strong Anti-interference

l  Firm and Durable, High Frequency Precision

l  Good target detail in shallow water at 200KHz and good deep-water bottom tracking at 50KHz

l  Frequency: 50KHz, 200KHz, 50&200KHz

l  Power: 300W, 600W

l  Bronze, rubber, plastic housings are available

l  High reliability fish finder or echo sounder transducer

l  Excellent noise characteristics

Optional Housing:

1.    Seawater resistant brass shell and stainless steel bolt

2.    Plastic shell

3.    Rubber shell(stainless steel bolt and water guide sleeve)