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Matsutec STR-01 Satellite Phone Indoor GPS Repeater / Amplifier Device (Inmarsat & Thuraya Suitable)
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Satellite Phone Indoor GPS Repeater / Amplifier Device

(Inmarsat & Thuraya Suitable)

The Satellite Phone Indoor Amplifier Device is a device let your Inmarsat or Thuraya satellite phone can normally use in the room. (used in the boat, vehicle, building etc). Install this device with our special outdoor antenna and omni indoor antenna, making you keep in touch with others freely even in the room, you can call out and receive the incoming call even in the room, no need go out to search the satellite signal and wait for register, and at same time, the device can support up to 100 sets satellite phone communication at same time in the room which cover up to 120 square meters.

The basic principle of this device is that the outdoor antenna receives the downlink signal from the satellite (Inmarsat or Thuraya), through high selectivity band-pass filter to well isolate the passband signal, after amplifying by integrative power amplifier, then transferred by indoor antenna, meanwhile, on the way of uplink path, signal of satellite phone in the coverage area is transmitted to the satellite after disposing by uplink amplifying link path by same working mode.

For the Inmarsat and Thuraya satellite network system, downlink signal including: satellite and GPS L1 2 signal. The device has Automatic Level control ( ALC )System, automatic control the gain according to the circumstance.


-Keep your Satellite phone on communication status even in the room. Avoid miss coming call when you are in the room. And also you no need going outdoor for searching the satellite signal.

-The device can suitable for Inmarsat Isatphone Pro, Thuraya SO-2510, SG-2520, Thuraya XT etc models, and also GPS.

-Keep your satellite phone can move freely, unlike Fixed Satellite phone which can’t move, and also you can freely hand carry your satellite phone when need go out.

Application Range:

Boat driving room;

Emergency Vehicles;

Remote mine;

Earthquake or other emergency response administration;

Remote country where there don’t have GSM mobile phone signal areas.

Technical Specification:







1626.5~ 1660.5MHZ

  Middle Frequency

1525.0 ~1559.0 MHZ

1575.42 +/-10.25 MHZ

Output Power Max With ALC( Automatic Level control)





In/Out Impedense



< 1:1.8

Downlink isolates degree

> 125dB

Noise Factor

< 5.0dB

Passband Riplpe

5dB p-p

Power Supply

DC 5V , 3A


220 x 125 x 30 mm


CE ( Europe ) & FCC ( USA)

System Included:

1 pcs SRT-01 Main Unit

1 pcs Outdoor Active Inmarsat antenna with 33 FT Cable ( 10 meter)

1 pcs Outdoor Active Thuraya antenna with 33 FT Cable ( 10 meter)

1 pcs indoor antenna with 16.5 FT Cable ( 5 meter)

Satellite Phone Indoor Amplifier Device Main Unit