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Matsutec NMEA0183 NMEA Buffer SY-1-4 NMEA 1 input, 4 output Marine Serial Line Splitter Isolating Buffer for 24V Circuit Systems
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Buffer for NMEA Buffer Box for NMEA Buffer 1 in 4 Out Marine Serial Line Splitter Isolating Buffer Converter Interface for 24V Circuit Systems

  • Input Signal ---- 4 input ports, supports up to 115,200bps, selectable auto manual switching by external switch, selectable primary secondary input by external switch. Professional manufactured, exquisite workmanship with unique design, ensure stable performance and high reliability.

  • Safe Operation ---- The marine serial line splitter supports over voltage protection, over current and surge voltage protection, reverse input and over current protection. There are wiring instructions at the wiring area to prevent wiring errors, and pluggable screw terminals for quick and easy installation and diagnostics.

  • Design ---- Galvanic isolation of Each output group, input, main circuits and power, selectable RS232, RS422, TTL on 8 output port. All components are rigorously inspected and meet the strictest quality standards for stable performance and long service life.

  • Durable Material ---- Isolating Buffer for NMEA Buffer Box is made of aluminium alloy shell, anti rust treatment, will not be oxidized and corroded by seawater or air, long term durability. In use, material is not prone to rust, and fading problems, which makes it can be used for a long time without frequent replacement.

  • Note ---- The primary function of a marine serial line distributor is to connect a single serial data line to multiple devices or systems. When there is only one serial data source, the serial line distributor can distribute the data stream to several different components or devices, enabling data interaction between multiple devices.


1. Features

1) Three Operation Modes

2) Auto/Manual Input Switching by using External Switch
3) Auto Baud Rate detection
4) Supports Input and Output Baud Rate up to 115,200bps
5) Galvanic Isolation of Each output group, Each input, Main circuits and Input power each other
6) Selectable one of RS232 / RS422 / TTL on 8 Output port(Grp#2 and Grp#4, Other 8ch are fixed as RS422)

2. Electronic Specifications

1) Modes


1 Unit x 16 Outputs Buffer(2 Inputs)


2 Units x 8 Outputs Buffers(Each 2 Inputs)


4 Units x 4 Outputs Buffers(Each 1 Input)

2) Input Signal


4 Input Ports
Galvanic Isolation
Supports up to 115,200bps
Selectable Auto/Manual switching by using External Switch
Selectable Primary/Secondary Input by using External Switch

3) Output Signal


16 Output Ports
Galvanic Isolation of Each output group
Supports up to 115,200bps
8ch Output Ports support RS232/RS422/ TTL Signal(Selectable by jumper)

4) Display


Input Power

4 Green LEDs

Input Data Status of Each Input Port

5) Protection

Input Port

Over Voltage Protection(DC 36V 1 min)

Output Port

Over Current and Surge Voltage Protection

Input Power

Reverse Input and Over Current Protection

6) Input Power

Input Power

DC 24V (DC 18~32V), 0.5A
Electronic Fuse, No Replacement Required

4 Green LEDs



Normal Operating or System Mode

3. Physical and Environment Specifications

1) Operating


-0.5°C ~ +55°C(-59℉~131℉)



2) Physical


208 x 152 x 46.5 mm(7.6 x 5.5 x 1.9 in)


1.5 kg(2.2 lb)

4. Option

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